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  • Fulldome 1k 

  • Fulldome 2k

  •  Fulldome 4k

  • spherical mirror wrapped


  • Ukrainian

  • English (in develope)

Long Version run-time:  18 minutes

The Stars of Chumaks (in develop)

Ukrainian star walk

Coming soon!


In the planetariums of Ukraine! - a new free fulldome show The Stars of Chumaks.


Do you know where the celestial girls can get water? Or how did the Great Wagon appears on the night sky? Or why do the stars fall? - Together we will discover how these questions were answered as we are taken back in time to the endless Ukrainian steppe and the chumaks campfire.  


Chumak (Ukrainian: чумак) is a historic occupation on the territory of modern Ukraine as merchants or traders, primarily known for the trade in salt. The style of living of chumaks set a great mark in Ukrainian folklore, language, and overall culture. In Ukrainian language, Milky Way is called the Chumaks' Way.


Official page (in Ukrainian)


Written and directed by Kira Makogon

Producer - Eugenia Lenda

Artist - Nata Marchenko

Composers - Victoria Limaeva, Oksana Andrienko, Alexander Gorbik, Rostislav Radchenko

Cast - Maxim Rypulov (Omelyan), Ivan Cheban (Grits)

Sound recording director - Taras Shevchenko.


Created by Astross studio and Sky Elephant Animation Studio with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation support.





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