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We are not only creating the planetarium content, but providing some additional  services for our clients.

One of it is web-presence building and consulting for our clients.

We always glad to improve our skills. Here are some photos from today's Wix meetup in London.


Our new project will soon come to all planetariums (in Ukrainian language at the moment).

The show page (in Ukrainian) -

Do you know where the celestial girls can get water? Or how did the Great Wagon appears on the night sky? Or why do the sta...

We are so exited to announce new project we and our friend-study Sky Elephant are working on - it will be FREE fulldome show, on Ukrainian historical astronomy based on Kria Makohon (our founder) script.

Project gets financial support from Ukrainian Cultural Founda...

We are glad to present you new language version of our site - it is UKRAINIAN version!

There is less information, than on the main site, but we hope it will be still useful for our Ukrainian clients and colleagues. 

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