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We added new  Tutorials and How-Tos section to The Astross website!

Hope it will be interesting and useful to You!

And the first How-To is "How to set up Fisheye and Panoramic camera in Blender Cycles".


P. S. We love Your feedback! 

We believe in sharing! And we all love the free staff

So our founder, Kira Makohon created some space-related images of astronauts on the Moon and Alen with Alien Planet especially for sharing on PixaBay under CC0 license.


P. S. We also love Your feedback! It helps...

We have something free to celebrate love under Your dome!

It is Hearts fall  20-second  fulldome footage free for in-house projects!

Fulldome preview:

Fulldome 2K png
resolution 2048x2048

format png-sequence

Note, that this content has other lycense, than many oth...

New freebie for planet modeling.

This artistic Neptune texture  was reconstracted from NASA Neptune images

8k textue download from Patreon

format JPG

Assets used:…
Space brushes by ERA7

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons At...

Here is another free  spherical panorama for Your projects:

 Downloaf from Google Drive.

It was made from Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy’s disc hubble image.

Fake HDRI image
resolution 7500x3500
format JPG
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0...

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