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We are not only creating the planetarium content, but providing some additional  services for our clients.

One of it is web-presence building and consulting for our clients.

We always glad to improve our skills. Here are some photos from today's Wix meetup in London.


Our new project will soon come to all planetariums (in Ukrainian language at the moment).

The show page (in Ukrainian) -

Do you know where the celestial girls can get water? Or how did the Great Wagon appears on the night sky? Or why do the sta...

Please, note, that Astross updated its Terms of Usage and Privacy policy.

Today Kiev Planetarium celebrates 65 anniversary!!!

Kiev Planetarium is the biggest planetarium in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe, with dome diameter 23 m and 320 sits.

It was opened to the public in 1952 in the building of the old Catholic cathedral (It was co...

Our on-site content store is on develop, but You can order some of our works from popular photostock sites.

Meet Our Deramstime vectors and plane images

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